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Barangay DELRAZON is a Rural Barangay. It lies on the South side of Municipality of Pinamalayan, near the Municipality of Gloria. On its west is barangay Malaya. North is Barangay Quinabigan. South is Barangay Bulaklakan, Gloria and East is Barangay Quinabigan. It has a total land area of 382,8008 hectares. It is 7 kilometers from the Provincial Capitol. It is 70% Plain. 20% Hilly and 10% Mountainous. The residential areaof Barangay Delrazon is about 6.7160 hectares. Agricultural area is 361.5340 hectares and aquatic area/others is 2.0260 hectares. Agriculture is a major source of livelihood in the Barangay. There are also professionals like teacher, engineers in the Barangay.







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